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Come join us to serve our community from our 55+, including our before and after school program. Volunteering has been connected to improving the enjoying of life, strengthening social skills, and becoming more physically active with daily life with every individual whether you are a senior or a student in a before and after school program. Volunteering is social support that community connection place strives for to let our community know we are always here to lend a helping hand. If you are looking to volunteer with our seniors and after-school program to add more value experience for careers and our community we at community connection place would love to have you.

Contact Us: 253-564-1992

Senior Programs 55+



  • Perform as a receptionist

  • Cooking/Kitchen Aide

  • Support in activities

  • Helping & Monitoring Events

  • Help with facility up keep

  • Teach a class

  • Aid in Meals on wheels

  • Floor Lead

  • Client Intake supporter

  • Door greeter

Fists in Solidarity

Before & After School

6:30AM-9:00am &

2:30pm - 5:30pm

  • Tutoring/ Mentoring

  • Cooking/Kitchen Aide

  • Support in activities

  • Help floor lead

  • Assist with facility upkeep

  • Checking in kids before & after school 

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